23 Quotes from Three Women book by Lisa Taddeo

Hello friends. This post is a collection of quotes from the book - Three Women by Lisa Taddeo.

Three Women has been described as a record of unmet needs, unspoken thoughts, disappointments, hopes and unrelenting obsessions.


For some women, preparing to meet a lover is nearly as hallowed a time as the actual meeting. In some cases, it's better, because at length the lover leaves, or someone loses interest, but the tender moments of anticipation remain. - Three Women, Chapter 2

That is what love does [...] It feeds and eviscerates you at once, so that you're full but you are also empty. You don't want food or the company of others. You want only the one you love, and your thoughts of him. Everything else is a waste of energy, money, breath. - Three Women, Chapter 2

Sometimes, there could be an imbalance in a relationship between two women, when one also likes to sleep with men and the other doesn't. Sometimes the one who doesn't can feel that the other woman is a betrayer. She might worry that the other woman wants more, not just the penis, not something a dildo can't sate, but the idea of a man, the idea of someone who is larger, the idea of being ecstatically subjugated by masculine energy. - Three Women, Chapter 3

When can you be ready for anything? Or is life, in fact, a continuum of things you must prepare for, and only with perfect preparation can you exist in the present? - Three Women, Chapter 3

Some people, live their lives as if they are sure they're going to get another one. One more chance to be cool and popular or smart and rich and have a lot of sex. They act as though it's okay to hang back on this one, and merely watch it like a movie. - Three Women, Chapter 4

The worst thing in the world is not being able to make a problem go away for one's child. - Three Women, Chapter 4

It's nice when you find out someone else has the same small goal as you. Little things like this save the heart on a daily basis. - Three Women, Chapter 4

Like any young girl who has a crush on someone older, she doesn't know what she wants to happen. She doesn't know if she wants sex or no sex or to undress in her room while he watches from the sidewalk. Mostly she just wants a small suggestion of excitement. An anonymous bouquet left on a doorstep. - Three Women, Chapter 4

There is a shortage of real men in America and Lina is not talking about Marlboro Men with mustaches who pound raw burger meat. She is talking about actual men, who stand up straight and hold doors open and go down for hours and make money and whether it's honest or dishonest they are honest about how it's made. And they're interesting, doesn't matter what they do or where they live, they're just interesting, they have some stories you'll hear after you've known them for a few months and some stories you'll never hear even if you're their brother. - Three Women, Chapter 5

Some women want careers as much as or more than they want love but all Lina has ever wanted is to be fully in love and forever partnered, like a penguin. - Three Women, Chapter 5

You know, Lina said to a friend at a playground, when you beg someone to kiss you and then he does but it's against his will and you feel it the whole time, you know the way that feels? [...] It can really kill your spirit. - Three Women, Chapter 5

Being in love with someone means being okay with all of him. - Three Women, Chapter 5

Women shouldn't judge one another's lives, if we haven't been through one another's fires. - Three Women, Chapter 5

A man will never let you fall completely into hell. He will scoop you up right before you drop the final inch so that you cannot blame him for sending you there. He keeps you in a dinerlike purgatory instead, waiting and hoping and taking orders. - Three Women, Chapter 9

Sloane preferred it when the third party was a woman. When it was two men and herself, she felt that she was onstage. Attention was solely on her; she was the star of every scene. Some men didn't like it when their balls or penis brushed against her husband's balls or penis, and she would be the one to guard against such accidents. Sometimes it felt as if she were the only player on a badminton court, trying to keep the shuttlecock in the air on both sides of the net. - Three Women, Chapter 12

She had two heterosexual men waiting for her, wanting her all the time. She felt mighty. - Three Women, Chapter 12

Lina knows it in clear moments on clear days - he thinks of her only when it's convenient and when he's drunk and when he's bored and when there is a perfect storm of possibility. When he can see her easily and not risk being caught or being in trouble with work or wasting too much gas. But even then, he won't mind if he doesn't. Even then he can take it or leave it. This is crushing but Lina accepts it. - Three Women, Chapter 13

Sometimes there's nothing worse than waiting for a text and being texted by the wrong person, by any person who is not that person. - Three Women, Chapter 13

Lina believes that getting laid by the person you think is the most attractive at that moment is the most important biological need that many people subvert on an hourly basis. - Three Women, Chapter 13

What the fuck do you know about young women. We don't remember what we want to remember. We remember what we can't forget. - Three Women, Chapter 14

The gate that guards the reality of one's childhood is high and existentially heavy, and merely opening it takes more energy than one expects. There are tricks to it, too: You have to select the correct season of the correct year. You cannot go bumbling about in some generalized way and hope to uncover the reason you are afraid of wolves. - Three Women, Chapter 15

Even when women are being heard, it is often only the right types of women who are actively heard. White ones. Rich ones. Pretty ones. Young ones. Best to be all those things at once. - Three Women, Epilogue

Marriage was its own prison, its own mortgage. Here is a place for you to lay your head and here is a food bowl for the dog. If you fuck around, if you try to build a steam bath, may everything you fear come to pass. - Three Women, Epilogue

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