17 Quotes from The Mister book by E L James

Hello friends. This post is a collection of quotes from the New York Times bestseller book - The Mister by E L James.

The Mister has been described as a roller-coaster ride of danger and desire from the heart of London through wild, rural Cornwall to the bleak, forbidding beauty of the Balkans.


Mindless sex there's a lot to be said for it. No commitments, no expectations, and no disappointments. - The Mister, Chapter 1

I like it, and it's what I do best, fucking some eager, attractive woman into the small hours of the morning. It's my favorite recreational activity and gives me something to do - someone to do. Fucking keeps me fit, and in the throes of passion. I learn all I need to know about a woman how to make her sweat and if she screams or cries when she comes. - The Mister, Chapter 1

It's strange how some women behave the morning after: shy and quiet. She's no longer the lascivious, demanding siren of the night before. - The Mister, Chapter 1

The truth is, I want to bed her. There. I admit it to myself. That's what I want, and I have a severe case of blue balls to prove it. What's more, I don't know how to make that happen, especially as she won't talk to me. She won't even look at me. - The Mister, Chapter 6

I want her, yes. But I want her wet and willing - I want her to want me, too. I know I could seduce her, but right now if she were to say yes, she'd be doing so for all the wrong reasons. - The Mister, Chapter 11

What a privilege this is - to hold a sleeping beauty. - The Mister, Chapter 11

Her inexperience is an issue. I like sexually adventurous women who know what they're doing, know what they want, and know their limits. Breaking in a virgin is a big responsibility. - The Mister, Chapter 12

Sex with her is better than being amped on coke ... any drug. Any day. - The Mister, Chapter 15

I played chess with my grandfather since I am six years. He was - how do you say? - a demon player. And he wanted to win. Even against a child. - The Mister, Chapter 15

Ah. Shoes ... the way to every woman's heart. - The Mister, Chapter 16

Love. Confusing. Irrational. Frustrating ... Exhilarating. This is what it feels like. I am madly, crazily, ridiculously in love with the woman sitting opposite me. My daily. Alessia Demachi. - The Mister, Chapter 17

You can't run every time we have a problem. Talk to me. Ask me questions. About anything. I'm here. I'll listen. Argue with me. Shout at me. I'll argue with you. I'll shout at you. I'll get it wrong. You'll get it wrong. That's all okay. But to resolve our differences, we have to communicate. - The Mister, Chapter 24

You can't choose who you love. Love chooses you. - The Mister, Chapter 26

I've never met anyone like her, someone possessing nothing - except her talent, her resourcefulness, and her beautiful face. I wonder what I would have made of my life if I'd been born in lowlier circumstances. Maybe I'd be a struggling musician - if I'd even learned to play. Shit. There's so much that I take for granted. I've been coasting through my life, everything handed to me on a plate, nothing affecting me and doing exactly as I pleased. Now I have to work for a living, and several hundred people depend on me and my decisions. It's a daunting task and a huge responsibility that I have to accept if I want to maintain my lifestyle. - The Mister, Chapter 27

A woman is a sack, made to endure. - The Mister, Chapter 28

You are a man from another century. From another time. You and all the men like you. In other countries your Neanderthal attitude to women would be unacceptable. - The Mister, Chapter 29

She's taken me on an epic journey of self-discovery with her. I want to spend the rest of my life with this woman. I love her so much, and I want to give her the world. She deserves nothing less. - The Mister, Chapter 33

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