30 Quotes from The Guest Book book by Sarah Blake

Hello friends. This post is a collection of quotes from the book - The Guest Book by Sarah Blake.

The Guest Book has been described by The Washington Post as monumental in a way that few novels dare attempt.

Part 1 Quotes

Life is wide, girls. Cross it with your arms open. - The Guest Book, Chapter 1

If there are places that hold us, keeping us in them, surely too there are people, people who work like mirrors for the selves we have forgotten. - The Guest Book, Chapter 1

A woman ought to know how to mind the temperature in a room, adding a little heat in a well-timed question, or cool a warm temper with the suggestion of another drink, a bowl of nuts, and a smile. - The Guest Book, Chapter 1

Wars, plagues, names upon tombs tell us only what happened. But history lies in the cracks between. In the inexplicable, invisible turns - when someone puts a hand down, pushes open one particular gate, and steps through. - The Guest Book, Chapter 4

Heroes are the people who are bigger than their times. Most of us re not. History is sometimes made by heroes, but it is also always made by us. We, the people, who stumble around, who block or help the hero out of loyalty, stubbornness, faith, or fear. Those who wall up - and those who break through walls. The people at the edge of the photographs. The people watching. The crowd. You. - The Guest Book, Chapter 4

Nothing, her grandmother used to say, is simple. Unless you are a hero, a coward, or simply simpleminded. - The Guest Book, Chapter 4

What the study of history had taught her, clearly, after years and years, was that she might pull up the single moments from the darkness where they lay centuries old, she might point to a spot in time, a line in a diary, the particular shredding of a blue ribbon used to tie a shoe, she might string these together and say, Here is what happened. And history would sit back on her heels and laugh and laugh. - The Guest Book, Chapter 4

Summer spun down green to gold to gray, then rested, rested white at the bottom of the year, rocking the dark of winter; rocking, then rolling slowly, wheeling up again through a dun brown, a mouse gray, until one day the green whisper, the lightest green, soft and growing into the next day, then the next until suddenly, impossibly, it was spring again. - The Guest Book, Chapter 5

Good men and capital invested wisely grew thick and ran strong, sustained by open channels and in the hands of those who knew what to do with them. - The Guest Book, Chapter 6

One doesn't mention Money or one's Good Fortune. Or Bad Fortune. One's Place in the world. One doesn't speak of oneself, draw attention. One doesn't want to seem to be flaunting one's fortune in the face of the less fortunate. One doesn't want to make others feel ashamed, or remind them of what they don't have. - The Guest Book, Chapter 7

Do business with anyone, but only sail with a gentleman. - The Guest Book, Chapter 8

It takes so much courage to keep getting up and going into the world when you are old or sick. - The Guest Book, Chapter 9

Part 2 Quotes

I cannot make sense of the feminine mind. No amount of school appears to give a girl reasoning. - The Guest Book, Chapter 13

Every American writer must leave America to find America in him. - The Guest Book, Chapter 13

I don't care how many degrees you rack up, how much money you make, or how many chances you take to make good - none of that matters. It all comes down to getting the right girl. That's the secret to the whole thing. That's the secret to success. - The Guest Book, Chapter 14

A good man could come from anywhere. Ogden had no illusions about birth. No matter how far back, no matter how much money, there had always been one man who made that move from stable to sitting room, men who were born seeing over the rim of their cradle. They were the hope of the world, and Ogden believed in a better world, built man by man. - The Guest Book, Chapter 14

There's only the one life. Just the one chance at it. And you can either get it right. Or wrong. And we never know, do we, as we're spinning along in it. We never know. And then one day, there you are ... - The Guest Book, Chapter 15

Mistaking a white man for his manners is deadly. - The Guest Book, Chapter 16

It's family first, then country, and then, at the very last, thine own self. I was raised to do something, be someone. Not for me, you understand, for the good of the world. Any less, and I'm a failure, a grape shriveled on the vine, a white-shoe screwball. - The Guest Book, Chapter 16

How quickly the world plows us under, [...] with a pang. For two generations, maybe three, we lived on. After that, we're nothing more than a name, or [...] a part of the furniture. - The Guest Book, Chapter 21

Part 3 Quotes

When you are young you think you can change the world - make it over, straighten it out. [...] But the world doesn't change; only you do.

I wonder who I'll marry. It's so strange, really, to think about. [...] That unknown someone, that something else, ticking away. Somewhere out there in the world is the man I'll marry. Somewhere right now, he is turning his head to listen to something someone is saying and laughing. - The Guest Book, Chapter 28

The beauty of marriage is that it's private. A jewel. A wife ought never talk about her husband. And certainly not about his family. Talk tarnishes. - The Guest Book, Chapter 28

Listen. I have no illusions whatsoever about the blacks. They have been poorly treated, ill-used from the start. All right, then. How do we bring them in? - Slowly. That's how civilizations hold. A leaking, fractured bucket cannot hold new water. - The Guest Book, Chapter 28

Ghost stories belong to the middle-aged, though it's always the young who play the dramas. All our memories crowding one on top of the other - thronging. - The Guest Book, Chapter 30

There are those who follow the rules, those who break the rules, and those who make the rules. - The Guest Book, Chapter 30

A woman ought to keep herself slim, upright, fit. Fat is a sign of ill breeding, of having let yourself go. Liking food too much bespeaks a weak mind, a flaccid spirit, a lack of ambition. - The Guest Book, Chapter 34

If you can't take good care of the finest things, you don't deserve to have them. - The Guest Book, Chapter 36

When you are young, you dream of what you want. [...] A little further along, in the middle of your life, you find you dream of what you have. You look around yourself, your children, your home. [...] But the dreams of the old, are of what we will lose. - The Guest Book, Chapter 38

Every one of you knows the key to life is in whom you marry. If you set your sights on the right girl, you need never look back. Nothing is more important in a man's life than the girl he chooses. - The Guest Book, Chapter 38

You can't revise what's happened. Nor should you. A life can change in a single moment, and from there you simply move forward. - The Guest Book, Chapter 42

Part 4 Quotes

Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up. - The Guest Book, Chapter 44