14 Quotes from The Chef book by James Patterson and Max Dilallo

Hello friends. This post is a collection of quotes from the New York Times bestseller book - The Chef by James Patterson and Max Dilallo.

The Chef is a book about Caleb Rooney - a police detective by day and a celebrity food truck chef by night.


Don't let Caleb's two hundred pounds of hunkiness fool you. That man's a lot like the sun. Plenty hot when he shines on you, but try to get close and he’ll burn you to a crisp. Believe me. I know. - The Chef, Chapter 1

My ex-wife is a lot like a lemon - sweet-looking but truly bitter when something outside catches my eye. - The Chef, Chapter 1

When we were married, this woman drove me nuts. But lately, she's the only one who keeps me sane. - The Chef, Chapter 6

Life doesn't always go the way you think it will, does it? [...] Although sometimes, life has a way of pleasantly surprising you. - The Chef, Chapter 13

When you're running a business, popularity is a great problem to have. It's also an exhausting one. - The Chef, Chapter 14

Hard core terrorists are always thinking ahead, looking to use common, everyday objects and turn them into weapons of killing and destruction. - The Chef, Chapter 18

There's nothing like escaping death to make a man feel alive. - The Chef

Some people feel sad when they visit a cemetery. Like they're surrounded by death. But to me, a place like this is a reminder. That each of us only gets one life. So we damn better live it to the fullest, every single day. - The Chef

A coincidence in a police investigation is like an honest man in politics. They're pretty damn rare. - The Chef, Chapter 31

I wish things were different. Desperately. But this is the hand I've been dealt. I know if I don't try to play it, I might regret it forever. - The Chef, Chapter 46

I'll tell you something I learned after all my years as a cop: You never know what life has in store for you. So when you see something you want, you should go for it. - The Chef, Chapter 48

I'm not looking for trouble. But I'm ready if trouble finds me. - The Chef, Chapter 52

No matter where you come from, or what your past is, you can come to New Orleans and have a second chance. You can be accepted. For who you are. - The Chef, Chapter 61

They say one reason jazz was born in New Orleans is because it was the only place in the world where slaves were allowed to own drums. It's testament to their creativity and spirit that out of such an awful institution came something so infectiously good. - The Chef, Chapter 62