26 Quotes from Never Tell book by Lisa Gardner

Hello friends. This post is a collection of quotes from the New York Times bestseller book - Never Tell by Lisa Gardner.

Never Tell has been described as a unpredictable thriller that puts fan favorites D.D. Warren and Flora Dane on a shocking new case that begins with a vicious murder and gets darker from there.


A marriage is a mosaic of a thousand moments, a hundred precious memories. - Never Tell, Chapter 1

If pregnancy hormones led to homicide, there wouldn't be a husband left alive. - Never Tell, Chapter 2

Spend enough time starving, beaten, isolated, and you can teach yourself to ignore most anything. It's true that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. But no one says that strength doesn't come at a price. - Never Tell, Chapter 3

I think we're getting ahead of ourselves. Investigations are a series of steps, and we have many left to take. - Never Tell, Chapter 5

The FBI is a stodgy, conservative, rigid institution, where talking out of school is one of the quickest ways to get fired. - Never Tell, Chapter 6

My mother isn't mean, at least not intentionally. She's neither violent nor cruel. She's just - herself. She sees what she sees, she knows what she knows, she believes what she believes, and nothing is going to change that. - Never Tell, Chapter 7

There are too many strange coincidences here. A woman who may or may not have been involved in two fatal shootings in the past sixteen years. A victim who may or may not have had ties with an infamous serial rapist. It's like this giant Gordian knot. I can't figure out which string to pull first. - Never Tell, Chapter 8

Welcome to the world of being a survivor. You make it out alive, and yet you spend the rest of your life wondering woulda, coulda, shoulda. I swore I would never look back. Samuel has advised me not to second-guess decisions that can never be changed. - Never Tell, Chapter 9

Any mathematician will tell you, once you've worked the equation, numbers don't lie. What you get is what you get. There's nothing left to do but accept that truth. - Never Tell, Chapter 10

Arsonists are like serial killers. They have signatures, preferred methodology. Once they find their identity as firebugs, they don't deviate. - Never Tell, Chapter 24

We all wear masks. And the more we have to hide, the more accomplished the veneer. - Never Tell, Chapter 12

There's not one answer to the question of what's the nature of evil, just as there's no one answer that defines anything about human behavior. Evil is a spectrum. And different predators fall in different places along the scale. - Never Tell, Chapter 12

A locked door is a puzzle. And no self-respecting mathematician can walk away from a puzzle. It became a game for me. Every time the door was closed, to wander by, test it. - Never Tell, Chapter 13

You can't sneak around in a marriage forever. Sooner or later, no matter how careful you are, you're going to get caught. - Never Tell, Chapter 13

You don't become a teacher without having some level of optimism. And you don't stay in the field if you don't believe that everyone, from bitter teens to burnt-out administrators, can change. - Never Tell, Chapter 16

Memory is a funny thing. There are moments that sear into our minds. If we're lucky, it's because we're happy - first kiss, wedding day, birth of a child. The kind of experience where you both have it and stand outside of it, because your brain recognizes this is something so special that you're going to want to relive it. - Never Tell, Chapter 18

Sometimes I think rage is like a furnace, and I've been angry for so many years now, I'm perpetually heated from the inside out. - Never Tell, Chapter 27

In movies, everyone loves the kickass heroine. I'm less convinced the average man wants one in real life. - Never Tell, Chapter 27

They say inside every criminal defense lawyer is an excellent criminal, hence our ability to be so good at our jobs. - Never Tell, Chapter 31

For all the cyber in cyberspace, it's still a human system. You can't just hang out, chat, or trade on the dark web. A real person has to vouch for you. A real-life administrator has to grant you access. - Never Tell, Chapter 33

A genius and a family man. They are not so easy to find. - Never Tell, Chapter 34

People think they want knowledge. Until they have it, of course. - Never Tell, Chapter 34

It's not easy, though, being brilliant. Nor being married to one. - Never Tell, Chapter 37

No mom hates her daughter. Some of us just don't understand one another. - Never Tell, Chapter 41

Too much of my life has been lies. I get to own that. Too much of my life has been isolating. I get to own that, too. And too much of my life has been spent running away instead of running toward. I want something to run toward. My child. A community. Friends. - Never Tell, Chapter 42

Life is scary, but it still beats the alternative. - Never Tell, Chapter 42

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