22 Quotes from Lost Roses book by Martha Hall Kelly

Hello friends. This post is a collection of quotes from the New York Times bestseller book - Lost Roses by Martha Hall Kelly.

Inspired by true events, Lost Roses is the story of three indomitable women from St. Petersburg to Paris under the shadow of World War I.


People judge you first by how you look and second by what you say. - Lost Roses, Chapter 2

Animals can be of tremendous comfort, dear. - Lost Roses, Chapter 4

It isn't every day you find a house that needs you this badly. - Lost Roses, Chapter 4

The ostrich puts its head in the sand at its peril. - Lost Roses, Chapter 5

The night the countess visited our izba on the outskirts of town to have her fortune told, the wolves were quiet. Smart animals, wolves. They know when they've met their match. - Lost Roses, Chapter 6

One cannot be too prepared for the wilds of India. - Lost Roses, Chapter 7

Latin never got a girl a husband. Men just want a warm body. Richard would just as soon have Cook in the bed as me. Wouldn't know the difference in the dark and he's always excited by cinnamon. - Lost Roses, Chapter 7

I understand stars perfectly. I just wish they'd stay in one place. All that moving around. It's unsettling. - Lost Roses, Chapter 8

The dying often allow themselves to slip away when their loved ones are out of the room. - Lost Roses, Chapter 10

Nowadays it seems the bigger the lie the better people swallow it. - Lost Roses, Chapter 11

The best cure for grief is to throw yourself into charity work like a maiden into a volcano. - Lost Roses, Chapter 14

The only good alligator is one found in the shape of an Italian-made purse. - Lost Roses, Chapter 18

Things of value seldom just work themselves out. You must put your shoulder to it. - Lost Roses, Chapter 18

Never apologize for feeling. That is what makes us Russian. Besides, crying only makes women more beautiful. - Lost Roses, Chapter 19

Only a coward would wait to be called up. Good men enlist. - Lost Roses, Chapter 21

Beware the fortune hunter. Women can be charmed by the silver music of the almighty dollar. - Lost Roses, Chapter 21

They say one has to come up with at least fifty ideas before you get to the best ones. - Lost Roses, Chapter 23

American parties? All jokes and games. Russian parties are dignified, with sad music. - Lost Roses, Chapter 24

Few girls have let me kiss them, of course, but I've studied the art from books and at the cinema. Seems there are three things to remember. Well, number one is never go in cold. You must warm up. The great ones tease a bit. [...] Part two is a good one. You must look deep into the other person's eyes. Maybe you'll see vulnerability. Or fear. Love, if you're lucky. [...] The final phase. The actual moment of pressing lips against lips. Soft and sweet if you do it right. The key here is to let it come to you. - Lost Roses, Chapter 34

There are two things people will always pay for. Food and sex. - Lost Roses, Chapter 39

Corsets are the true test of a needlewoman's skill. Only the most accomplished can do them well. - Lost Roses, Chapter 40

A mother and child always know each other, no matter the divide. Like chicks in the henhouse. - Lost Roses, Chapter 51