41 Quotes from Girl, Wash Your Face book by Rachel Hollis

Hello friends. This post is a collection of quotes from the book - Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.

Girl, Wash Your Face has been described as a book that shows you how to live with passion and hustle and how to give yourself grace without giving up.

Introduction Quotes

Recognizing the lies we've come to accept about ourselves is the key to growing into a better version of ourselves. If we can identify the core of our struggles while simultaneously understanding that we are truly in control of conquering them, then we can utterly change our trajectory. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Introduction

I want to shout at the top of my lungs until you know this one great truth: you are in control of your own life. You get one and only one chance to live, and life is passing you by. Stop beating yourself up, and dang it, stop letting others do it too. Stop accepting less than you deserve. Stop buying things you can't afford to impress people you don't even really like. Stop eating your feelings instead of working through them. Stop buying your kids' love with food, or toys, or friendship because it's easier than parenting. Stop abusing your body and your mind. Stop! Just get off the never-ending track. Your life is supposed to be a journey from one unique place to another; it's not supposed to be a merry-go-round that brings you back to the same spot over and over again. - GIrl, Wash Your Face, Introduction

A caterpillar is awesome, but if the caterpillar stopped there - if she just decided that good is good enough - we would all miss out on the beautiful creature she would become. You are more than you have become. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Introduction

I hope you'll rest in the knowledge that you can become whomever and whatever you want to be, my sweet friend. And on the days that seem the hardest, you'll remember that - by an inch or a mile - forward momentum is the only requirement. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Introduction

Chapter 1-5 Quotes

I want you to understand, my sweet, precious friend, that we're all falling short. Yet even though I fail over and over and over again, I don't let it deter me. I still wake up every day and try again to become a better version of myself. Some days I feel as if I'm getting closer to the best version of me. Other days I eat cream cheese for dinner. But the gift of life is that we get another chance tomorrow. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 1

The precious life you've been given is like a ship navigating its way across the ocean, and you're meant to be the captain of the vessel. Certainly there are times when storms toss you around or cover the deck with water or break the mast clean in half - but that's when you need to fight your way back, to throw all the water off the boat bucket by bucket. That's when you battle to get yourself back to the helm. This is your life. You are meant to be the hero of your own story. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 1

Moving or traveling or getting away? It's just geography. Moving doesn't change who you are. It only changes the view outside your window. You must choose to be happy, grateful, and fulfilled. If you make that choice every single day, regardless of where you are or what's happening, you will be happy. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 1

When you're engaged and involved and choosing to enjoy your own life, it doesn't matter where you are, or frankly, what negative things get hurled at you. You'll still find happiness because it's not about where you are but who you are. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 1

Comparison is the death of joy, and the only person you need to be better than is the one you were yesterday. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 1

Life happens, and the plans we make fall through - but when it becomes such a regular occurrence that the promises we make hold very little actual power in our lives, we need to check ourselves. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 2

You've lived through tougher things than this. Don’t give up now! - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 4

Whatever standard you've set for yourself is where you'll end up ... unless you fight through your instinct and change your pattern. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 2

Our words have power, but our actions shape our lives. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 2

Our bodies are incredible. They can do unbelievable things. They will also tell you exactly what they need if you're willing to listen. And if you're not, if you try to do too many things without rest, they will absolutely shut down to get what they need. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 3

We all judge each other, but even though we all do it, that's not an excuse. Judging is still one of the most hurtful, spiteful impulses we own, and our judgments keep us from building a stronger tribe ... or from having a tribe in the first place. Our judgment prohibits us from beautiful, life-affirming friendships. Our judgment keeps us from connecting in deeper, richer ways because we're too stuck on the surface-level assumptions we've made. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 4

When it comes to your dreams, no is not an answer. The word no is not a reason to stop. Instead, think of it as a detour or a yield sign. No means merge with caution. No reminds you to slow down - to re-evaluate where you are and to judge how the new position you're in can better prepare you for your destination. In other words, if you can't get through the front door, try the side window. If the window is locked, maybe you slide down the chimney. No doesn't mean that you stop; it simply means that you change course in order to make it to your destination. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 5

Chapter 6-10 Quotes

Nobody - not a voice of authority, not your mama, not the foremost expert in your arena - gets to tell you how big your dreams can be. They can talk all they want ... but you get to decide if you're willing to listen. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 6

The only thing worse than giving up is wishing that you hadn't. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 6

Don't you get it? Nothing that lasts is accomplished quickly. Nobody's entire legacy is based on a single moment, but rather the collection of one's experiences. If you're lucky, your legacy will be a lifetime in the making. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 6

Your dream is worth fighting for, and while you're not in control of what life throws at you, you are in control of the fight. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 6

Friends, it's not about the goal or the dream you have. It's about who you become on your way to that goal. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 6

Mom, you should parent in whatever way works for your family and spend less time worrying about other people's perceptions of how you're doing. Can we stop being so hard on ourselves and instead focus on the good work we are doing, the results of which are evident in the awesome little people we're raising? - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 9

A single day, or even a handful of days, when you aren't mom of the century won't make or break your kids. It's the intention to do well that will see them through. It's the lessons in grace and self-care and realistic expectations, where you teach them about what you're capable of, that will truly serve them later on. Choose a handful of things that you rock as a school mom, then knock those out of the park as often as you can. The other stuff? Give yourself the permission to do the best you can and the grace to be peaceful on the days when you miss the mark. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 9

Don't compare your family to other families or yourself to other women or moms at school. You have to choose not to compare your children either - not to your friends' kids and most definitely not to each other. I am not saying that you shouldn't strive to improve yourself as a parent; and when it comes to kids, your job is to help them become their best selves. But sister, please, please, please stop allowing your fear of getting it wrong to color every beautiful thing you're doing right. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 9

If time has taught me anything, it's that our differences are what make this life unique. None of us are exactly like the other, and that is a good thing because there's no right way to be. The room mom, the working mother, the woman without children, the retired grandma, the mom who co-sleeps, the mama who bottle-fed her baby, the strict mom, the hipster mom, the one who lets her kid go shoeless, or the one who enrolls her baby in music enrichment classes at birth - whoever, whatever you are, you're adding spice and texture and nuance into this big beautiful soup of modern-day parenting. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 9

Nothing is wasted. Every single moment is preparing you for the next. But whether or not you choose to see this time as something wonderful - the time when God is stretching you and growing you or maybe forging you in fires hotter than you think you can withstand - all of it is growing you for the person you're becoming, for a future you can't even imagine. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 9

God has perfect timing, and it's highly possible that by not being where you thought you should be, you will end up exactly where you're meant to go. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 9

Chapter 11-15 Quotes

The problem with ignoring your chaos is that chaos by nature is incredibly stressful. [...] You can try to mind-over-matter it, but ultimately, stress always catches up to you, and your body will react in negative ways. [...] You may think it's not affecting you directly, but it will come out - and likely in ways that aren't healthy for you or your family. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 11

The things you think are so difficult could be someone else's dream come true. I don't say that to make you feel bad, or to negate your difficult experience; but perspective may help you see that your chaos is actually just a gigantic blessing. Adjusting your view can work wonders. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 11

There are hundreds of ways to lose yourself, but the easiest of them all is refusing to acknowledge who you truly are in the first place. You - the real you - is not an accident. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 12

Whether or not the dream ultimately comes true isn't the point; the point is, how do you steer your ship in a clear direction? How do you stay on course even when the water is choppy or the boat is crashing on rocks? You do that by keeping your eyes on the horizon. For me, my daydreams were an attempt to keep my eyes above the waves. When life was hard and murky and difficult to navigate, having a clear vision gave me something to focus on. I can't recommend it enough for you. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 13

You cannot ignore your pain. You cannot ever leave it behind completely. The only thing you can do is find a way to embrace the good that came out of it - even if it takes you years to discover what that is. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 15

The path through hardship or extreme trauma is one of the most difficult things a being can encounter. But make no mistake: the only way is to fight through it. [...] There will be times, especially in the beginning, when it will take everything within you to keep your head above those waves. [...] After a while I promise it will become easier to tread water, and finally you'll learn to swim against the current. The friction you'll face will build your muscles, bones, and sinew - the very fabric of your being will be shaped by this journey. The toughest one you've ever taken, surely ... but you will become something greater because of it. You have to. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 15

Chapter 16-20 Quotes

Finding the courage to be honest about who you are or what you're going through is like throwing yourself into the deep end of the pool and fighting to swim once you hit the cold water. It won't necessarily be pleasant, but once you're in, it's done. The longer you live in a state of honesty, the easier it becomes to simply exist there all the time. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 16

When people talk about divorce, they use words like irreconcilable or messy. But those words are too light - too easy for the destruction of a family. Divorce is a book falling onto a house made of Legos. It's a cannonball shot over the bow that crashes through the deck and sinks the other ship. Divorce is destruction that starts at the top and breaks everything apart on the way down. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 17

Who you are today is incredible. You have so many wonderful qualities to offer the world, and they are uniquely yours. I believe your Creator delights in the intricacies of you, and he is filled with joy when you live out your potential. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 17

Drinking can be an attempt to escape, but you cannot escape the realities of your life forever. In the morning they're still there, only now your ability to take them on is diminished by the fact that your "medicine" made you sicker. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 18

There isn't one right way to be a woman. There isn't one right way to be a daughter, friend, boss, wife, mother, or whatever else you categorize yourself as. There are so many different versions of each and every style on this planet, and beauty lives in that dichotomy. The kingdom of God is in that dichotomy. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 19

Every day you get to choose the way your world looks. Regardless of how you were raised or what you were taught to believe, you get to decide where your story goes from here. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 19

You have the ability to change your life. You've always had the power. You just have to stop waiting for someone else to do it for you. There is no easy way out of this; there is no life hack. Just you and your God-given strength and how much you desire change. - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 20

Girl, get ahold of your life. Stop medicating, stop hiding out, stop being afraid, stop giving away pieces of yourself, stop saying you can't do it. Stop the negative self-talk, stop abusing your body, stop putting it off for tomorrow or Monday or next year. Stop crying about what happened and take control of what happens next. Get up, right now. Rise up from where you've been, scrub away the tears and the pain of yesterday, and start again ... Girl, wash your face! - Girl, Wash Your Face, Chapter 20

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