40 Quotes from The Huntress book by Kate Quinn

Hello friends. This post is a collection of quotes from the New York Times bestseller book - The Huntress by Kate Quinn.

The Huntress has been described as a fascinating historical novel about a battle-haunted English journalist and a Russian female bomber pilot who join forces to track the Huntress, a Nazi war criminal gone to ground in America.


Young girls should have more on their minds than lipstick and giggling, or they will grow from silly girls to sillier women. - Lorelei Vogt, The Huntress, Chapter 1

One has to be serious about something in order to be good at it. - Lorelei Vogt, The Huntress, Chapter 1

If I teach you anything, let it be how to move through the world without making a sound, Nina Borisovna. If they can't hear you coming, they'll never lay hands on you. They haven't caught me yet. - The Huntress, Chapter 3

Fearlessness, heh, it's why my children will all die before me. You fear nothing, you get stupid. It's better to fear one thing, Nina Borisovna. Put all the terror into that, and it leaves you just careful enough. - The Huntress, Chapter 3

America? Godless devils. Worse than Stalin. Stay clear of Americans. - The Huntress, Chapter 3

The marines were only invented so the army has someone to take to the prom. - Garrett Byrne, The Huntress, Chapter 4

Sometimes you catch the wrong look on someone's face and it puts you off. It makes you not want to take chances, getting to know them. - Jordan McBride, The Huntress, Chapter 4

The war was difficult for me. I don't enjoy talking about it. And we Germans are more reserved than Americans even at the best of times. - Lorelei Vogt, The Huntress, Chapter 4

Here you see the epitome of proletarian spirit. A girl who in tsarist days would have spilled the blood of her life in the field, now seeking the skies! The glorification of the state lies in the ability of its laborers to rise. - Head of the local Komsomol, The Huntress, Chapter 9

This land was too much for outsiders; Napoleon could tell you that. Too cold, too vast, and too unforgiving for anyone not seasoned to it from birth. A little fascist with a scrubbing-brush mustache thought he'd march on Moscow? He'd have better luck emptying Baikal with a pail. - Nina Borisovna, The Huntress, Chapter 9

They need people who are a little bit crazy. Because crazy people do well in wars. - Nina Borisovna, The Huntress, Chapter 9

The trouble with steps was that the more you took in a certain direction, the more people assumed that you would continue on, which Jordan wasn’t sure she wanted to do. She was barely eighteen; how was she supposed to know if Garrett Byrne was the One and Only? Jordan wasn't even sure she believed in the entire idea of the One and Only. - The Huntress, Chapter 10

Without order lies madness. With order came peace and law; without it lay war and blood. He'd seen enough of both to know it was true. - Ian Graham, The Huntress, Chapter 11

You're my wife. I gave you my name, you got your citizenship through me. You and your past and anything else I helped you bring to my country are very much my business. - Ian Graham, The Huntress, Chapter 11

A nightmare was a needle plunging through the net of human memory; it slipped past one strand and caught up another on its point, stitching up dark dreams out of the unlikeliest recollections. - The Huntress, Chapter 17

We're not finished until we fail, and we haven't failed yet. - Tony Rodomovsky, The Huntress, Chapter 17

We are not a damned death squad. We are better than that. Dead men don't pay. They don't suffer. The world learns nothing from them. Without public justice, it's all pointless. We do not kill targets. - Ian Graham, The Huntress, Chapter 17

As long as I've known you, you'd follow a woman's arse and an easy argument before you'd ever follow what was right. - Ian Graham, The Huntress, Chapter 17

Ian frequently reflected that the greatest advantage from a life spent hopping all over the map trying to catch the next war was that he never knew where he'd meet an old friend last seen in a Spanish airdrome or a Tunisian bar or the deck of a French troopship. - The Huntress, Chapter 23

Up in a plane you forgot what it looked like down in the middle of things. Life was either a cockpit or a set of interchangeable airdromes and runways. - The Huntress, Chapter 24

I don't like Moscow, or Irkutsk, or the Old Man, Nina thought. I've come thousands of kilometers across Russia, and I haven't seen any part of it I liked except the skies. She was happy flying over it, because then she didn't have to look at it: a land of implacable crowds and draped bunting, bread queues and the eternal droning of loudspeakers, ruled over by a wolf. - The Huntress, Chapter 30

Would you like me to go away? I have a handkerchief or a listening ear if you want, but I can also leave you alone for some peace, quiet, and a good cry, in whatever order you need them. Alone being the important part. - Tony Rodomovsky, The Huntress, Chapter 31

Women are good in combat. We don't compete like the men do. Is all mission, no proving who is better with stupid stunts. - Nina Borisovna, The Huntress, Chapter 32

Me - in war I hunt Nazis to bomb, in peace I hunt Nazis to make pay. - Nina Borisovna, The Huntress, Chapter 32

Is a Russian thing. Sit around, drink too much, talk about death. It makes us cheerful. - Nina Borisovna, The Huntress, Chapter 32

People call names if a girl gets around too quickly after breaking an engagement. - Jordan McBride, The Huntress, Chapter 36

Some men ogle, some men look. The first makes us bristle, and the second makes us melt, and men are at an utter loss knowing the difference. But we do, and we know it at once. - Lorelei Vogt, The Huntress, Chapter 36

An interpreter tries to work a step removed. You're not really there, in a way. You're like a set of interphones; you make it possible for the two people on either side to hear each other. - Tony Rodomovsky, The Huntress, Chapter 39

You know why I prefer pictures to words? People can't ignore them. Most find it easier to forget the things they read than the things they see. What's caught on film is there, it's what is. That's what makes pictures so wonderful, and so devastating. Catch someone or something at the right moment, you can learn everything about them. That's why I want to record everything I see. The beautiful, the ugly. The horrors, the dreams. All of it, as much as I can get a lens in front of. - Jordan McBride, The Huntress, Chapter 39

How pleasant it was just to enjoy a man's company, his attention, his kisses without feeling the weight of expectation from parents and neighbors. When are you going to settle down? When will you two make it official? How pleasant to enjoy a man who was not official, not in the slightest. - The Huntress, Chapter 39

I may not know everything there is to know about women, but I know they don't like to be deceived. - Ian Graham, The Huntress, Chapter 40

Building a generation is like building a wall - one good well-made brick at a time, one good well-made child at a time. Enough good bricks, you have a good wall. Enough good children, you have a generation that won't start a world-enveloping war. - Iam Graham, The Huntress, Chapter 43

I don't pick fights, but if anybody picks one with me, I'll be damned if I fight fair. - Ian Graham, The Huntress, Chapter 43

England, as far west as you can go without leaving Europe. Not to mention that we've got Piccadilly. The Egypt wing of the British Museum. Fish and chips - you haven't lived till you've had fish and chips, Nina. No Komsomols, no gulags, no collective apartments. A nice king with a stammer who doesn't go in for mass executions. It's a big improvement on the Soviet Union, believe me, and you can call it home. - Sebastian Graham, The Huntress, Chapter 44

What a terrible thing suspicion was, once you let it have full rein. - The Huntress, Chapter 47

You can't trump a Russian when it comes to suffering. They have always suffered more, and in minus-twenty-degree weather, and in a gulag to boot. You just can't win. - Tony Rodomovsky, The Huntress, Chapter 48

When you've lived through a war, when you've been hunted, you pay attention to any little things out of the ordinary. However nicely they're explained away, they still ... ping. - Lorelei Vogt, The Huntress, Chapter 51

I'm thirty-two years old, and my life is the sum of many moments. Why do some moments outweigh all the other, better moments? When is there enough running, enough. - Lorelei Vogt, The Huntress, Chapter 51

Cowardice doesn't exist, you know. Nor does bravery. Only nature. If you're the hunter, you stalk and if you're the prey, you run, and I am quite realistic enough to know that I have been the prey ever since the war ended and the victors decided I was a monster. - Lorelei Vogt, The Huntress, Chapter 51

Those children died far more kindly at my hands, fast and painless, with full bellies, than they would have fared starving to death in huts or dying of thirst on packed trains. I take no pleasure in suffering. If something must die, kill it cleanly. - Lorelei Vogt, The Huntress, Chapter 51