18 Quotes from Bad Blood book by John Carreyrou

Hello friends. This post is a collection of quotes from the New York Times bestseller book - Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou.

Bad Blood has been described as a riveting story of the biggest corporate fraud since Enron, a tale of ambition and hubris set amid the bold promises of Silicon Valley.


A little patch that could do all the things Elizabeth wanted it to do bordered on science fiction. It might be theoretically possible, just like manned flights to Mars were theoretically possible. But the devil was in the details. - Bad Blood, Chapter 1

She had somehow been able to take and synthesize these pieces of science and engineering and technology in ways that I had never thought of. I never encountered a student like this before of the then thousands of students that I had talked. I encouraged her to go out and pursue her dream. - Bad Blood, Chapter 1

I don't care. We can change people in and out. The company is all that matters. - Bad Blood, Chapter 2

Ed noticed that Elizabeth was making new engineering hires, but she wasn't having them report to him. They formed a separate group. A rival group. It dawned on him that she was pitting his engineering team and the new team against each other in some corporate version of survival of the fittest. - Bad Blood, Chapter 2

For a young entrepreneur building a business in the heart of Silicon Valley, it was hard to escape the shadow of Steve Jobs. - Bad Blood, Chapter 3

Elizabeth demanded absolute loyalty from her employees and if she sensed that she no longer had it from someone, she could turn on them in a flash. - Bad Blood, Chapter 4

Lying is a disgusting habit, and it flows through the conversations here like it's our own currency. The cultural disease here is what we should be curing before we try to tackle obesity. - Bad Blood, Chapter 4

In her relentless drive to be a successful startup founder, she had built a bubble around herself that was cutting her off from reality. And the only person she was letting inside was a terrible influence. - Bad Blood, Chapter 6

IT are like lawyers, avoid them as long as possible. - Bad Blood, Chapter 7

You have created a work environment where people hide things from you out of fear. You cannot run a company through fear and intimidation, it will only work for a period of time before it collapses. - Bad Blood, Chapter 9

Sunny, in fact, had the master-servant mentality common among an older generation of Indian businessmen. Employees were his minions. He expected them to be at his disposal at all hours of the day or night and on weekends. He checked the security logs every morning to see when they badged in and out. Every evening, around seven thirty, he made a fly-by of the engineering department to make sure people were still at their desks working. - Bad Blood, Chapter 14

We all can be wrong. Life is like that. - Bad Blood, Chapter 17

It was all beginning to make sense: Holmes and her company had overpromised and then cut corners when they couldn’t deliver. It was one thing to do that with software or a smartphone app, but doing it with a medical product that people relied on to make important health decisions was unconscionable. - Bad Blood, Chapter 19

The way Theranos is operating is like trying to build a bus while you’re driving the bus. Someone is going to get killed. - Bad Blood, Chapter 19

Hyping your product to get funding while concealing your true progress and hoping that reality will eventually catch up to the hype continues to be tolerated in the tech industry. But it's crucial to bear in mind that Theranos wasn't a tech company in the traditional sense. It was first and foremost a health-care company. Its product wasn't software but a medical device that analyzed people's blood. - Bad Blood, Epilogue

The board is just a placeholder. I make all the decisions here. - Bad Blood, Epilogue

A sociopath is often described as someone with little or no conscience. I’ll leave it to the psychologists to decide whether Holmes fits the clinical profile, but there’s no question that her moral compass was badly askew. - Bad Blood, Epilogue

In her all-consuming quest to be the second coming of Steve Jobs amid the gold rush of the "unicorn" boom, there came a point when she stopped listening to sound advice and began to cut corners. Her ambition was voracious and it brooked no interference. If there was collateral damage on her way to riches and fame, so be it. - Bad Blood, Epilogue